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Isle of Wight Tomato Authentic Greek Salad

Isle of Wight Tomato Authentic Greek Salad

Greek salad using Isle of Wight Heirloom Tomatoes! Such a colourful and sweet dish - bursting with flavour.

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  • Chop up the tomatoes into similar size chunks
  • Place tomatoes into salad bowl and salt the tomatoes 
  • Using a vegetable peeler, peel the skin of the cucumber, leaving gaps between each peel so that it looks stripy
  • Cut the cucumber into small chunks and add to the bowl
  • Chop the red onion into long pieces and break up into the bowl
  • Add the black olives and the block of feta (whole) on top
  • Drizzle with lots of olive oil and coat with oregano
  • When ready to serve, break the feta and mix at the table!

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