About Us

Watts Farm is a family-run business supplying a wide range of fresh produce, dairy, ambient and frozen products to our customers.  Our customers include major supermarket retailers, high end hotels and restaurants, and schools.  We farm over 600 hectares of land, growing 60 different crops. We sell the produce we grow and buy many other products from other UK growers to sell to our customers.  We also sell products which are grown overseas so we can offer our customers a wide product range.

We are now offering a home delivery and collection service following the Coronavirus outbreak.  We have experienced first-hand the pressure on our supermarkets and the demand for home deliveries and store collections.  We hope this new service will help members of the public by providing another online food delivery service option.  It is also important for our business to diversify in these difficult times to keep our family business alive.

Our Story

1952 - Donald Watts was a man that did things properly. From mucking out pigs to pulling rhubarb and planting strawberries he'd nearly always be seen in a shirt and tie. He made a great success of the farm. And, in fact, became colloquially known as the Kent King of Rhubarb.


1970 - Donald’s wife, Joan, would sell much of the produce by the side of the road and eventually went on to run a green grocer's shop in Pet’s Wood.

1990 - Avril, one of Donald’s and Joan’s daughters, took over the farm when her father died. She started trialling some herbs such as parsley and coriander. This was a new departure as very few farmers were growing herbs but London restaurants were in need of them. It was the start of an exciting speciality…

2000 - Joe Cottingham joined our farm in 2000. He continued to expand our range and raised the farm’s productivity by introducing a wide range improvements. And his efforts were rewarded in 2008 when he was named Young Grower of the Year, aged just 34.

2009 – Avril’s husband, Mike, and her son, Ed, started the food service division of Watts Farms supplying high-end restaurants.  The product range included produce grown on our farms, as well as a wide range of products including fresh produce grown by other growers in the UK, imported products from outside of the UK, dairy, ambient and frozen products.

Today – We employee over 200 people and have 10 sites in Kent, Essex and Bedfordshire. 

To find out more, visit www.wattsfarms.co.uk/about-watts-farms. Watts Farm is a family-run online farm shop supplying farm foods from fruit and veg box delivery in Kent to pantry goods and fresh cakes we can help.