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Watercress soup with soft-boiled duck eggs

Watercress soup with soft-boiled duck eggs

The peppery watercress is the star of the show in this vibrant green soup. Simply made with just a few ingredients, you can dress it up however you'd like, we've added a swirl of cream and soft-boiled duck eggs and served with toasted sourdough bread. All the ingredients required are available on our shop.



  • Melt the butter and add all the veg bar the watercress, stir to coat with butter, cover with a lid and sweat for 20 minutes, stirring halfway through
  • Add the stock, bring to simmering point for 10 mins and then add the watercress for another five mins until all the veg are tender.
  • Meanwhile boil the eggs to your liking (we did ours on a rolling boil for six minutes) and then plunge into cold water to stop them cooking further, this also makes them easier to peel.
  • Remove your soup from the heat, allow to cool a little, season to taste and then liquidise. 
  • Top with the eggs and swirl with cream.

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  • Joanne Emmerton
    Joanne Emmerton

    I made this soup today and added a handful of spinach to use it up. The results were delicious! Thanks for such a simple but tasty recipe!

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