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Festive Reindeer Cupcakes

Festive Reindeer Cupcakes
Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight? We're getting creative with these festive reindeer cupcakes, made really easy with our Gluten Free Sponge & Muffin Mix!

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For the cake:

For the icing;


  • Simply mix the ingredients together as per the instructions on the muffin mix packet
  • Cook and leave the cupcakes  to cool completely
  • For the butter icing, whisk together the salted butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence in a large bowl, adding a drop of water to loosen up the mixture if needed
  • Coat the cupcakes in the buttercream frosting and dust with edible glitter (optional)
  • Take the fondant icing and cut into blocks for however many reindeer you would like to make. Then split each reindeer block into 3 parts - two large and one smaller. 
  • Take one of the larger parts and roll into a ball with your hands, this will be the head of the reindeer. Then, take the smaller block and roll into a smaller ball for the snout. Press the snout onto the head and set aside while you make the antlers. 
  • To make the antlers take the final block and cut into two equal parts. Roll each part into a long cylinder. Then, pinch up both sides of the cylinder (unevenly) to create the tines (branches) of the antler.
  • Place the head on top of the cupcake and the antlers on either side of the head. Lastly, take small offcuts of fondant icing to make into semi-circles for ears and place them on top of the antlers.
  • To finish, ice the reindeer to create eyes, a red nose for Rudolf, and a mouth. Then decorate the surrounding cupcake!
  • Serve and enjoy

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